Cigars are a natural product, intricately made to deliver a range of complex traits depending on strict conditions of temperature and humidity. Humidors are essential to ensure your cigars maintain their quality until they’re enjoyed. Our cigar shop recommends using humidors for cigars, cigarettes as well as pipe tobacco to prolong freshness, taste & odour. Humidors come in many shapes & sizes and can usually store anywhere from 10 – 100 cigars comfortably. The humidors our smoke shop sells are made of wood and sometimes have metal components to them.

We offer a tasteful selection of humidors for all usage needs, from smaller, portable boxes to standing cases, all built to maintain the critical level of humidity. We invite you to come in and view our models. We’ll be happy to find the size and features that are right for you. We sell a number of antique and unique humidors for you to check out.